WMM Trophies

We are having all of our Trophies being made by Leduc Composite High School welding Students.
Here is an example of the great work they are doing. After they have completed the trophies,
they will go to MFP Kustoms to be finished and clear coated.

Supporting Clubs

The Manitoba Mopar Association has decided to help sponsor Western Mopar Madness.
Thank you for your support and we will add your logo to Advertising and Tee Shirts.

On Feb. 6 we were notified by Northern Mopar Auto Club that will also support the Western Mopar Madness event. Thank you for helping out.

Barrett Jackson

We have had some of our great members that are at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale this week, told us they will be putting posters up and handing out flyers there. This is awesome. Kind of strange as our VP got a text at 6:30 this morning from Barrett Jackson wanting all the information for our show. Word is getting out for Western Mopar Madness !!!

Chassis Dyno coming to WMM

Just an update that we got approval from our member to have a Chassis Dyno at WMM.
Khaos Customs will be bringing their Chassis Dyno to Western Mopar Madness. They
have been approved by Castrol as they are the only portable Chassis Dyno with
protection shields. Anyone wanting to put their vehicle on the dyno during WMM
is more than welcome.

New Registration Page

It took awhile but we now have an easy to fill out Registration page. Check it out and fill it in. Name, Address, Vehicle description, pick the Car Show only, Race Only, Car Show and Race and add the number of guests in your group. It will provide you a Total that can be eTransferred or paid on the day of the event. It would be appreciated if the registration was completed and sent in. It will speed up the process at the event. Thanks !!

Hotel Rates

December 4th Castrol Raceway confirmed they will provide us a Code to be used at 3 hotels in the area that will give you a preferred rate. The EMA will provide this code to participants once registration has been confirmed.