Racing Section

Castrol Raceway will have full control of this segment. They require all entries to fill out this form and bring it with them to Western Mopar Madness. If you have paid entry or pay it at the gate then you will present this form to Tech Inspection. If they visually check the vehicle and it checks OK then it will be easy entry. However if they find one thing wrong, they have the authority to completely go through your vehicle and then decide if it is allowed to race or not. This will slow the process for yourself and other competitors.

We are limited to 200 Vehicles. First come first serve.

Print this, fill it in and bring it with you  DRag Self Tech inspection form

To Register for Racing - Click HERE

Castrol has opened the page for competitors to register for Racing. Click on - Click Here above and follow directions on Castrol's site.
Select if you want to Race Only or Race and Show. Note: Registration Fee ($50.00 Race or $60.00 Race and Show) includes entrance for Vehicle and Driver. Spectators Extra.
Once you have registered on Castrol's site, download this form and email it to This will speed up registration on event day

WMM Car Show Racing Registration Form

Spectator Tickets can be purchased - CLICK HERE

James Mcfarlane with his Western Canada's Fastest 2015 Hellcat Charger will be coming to Western Mopar Madness.

He will also be bringing a 70 Hellcat Challenger, 72 Challenger and 84 Big Block Blown Nitrous Dodge Pick up.

Darren Williams

Top Eliminator for 2018

Blue Line Racing will also be in attendance.


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Old Trapper 67 Hemi GTX on Display

Original TRAPMATE coming to WMM

Edmonton Racing History

Western Mopar Madness would like to Thank Vic Porcher for his efforts to reunite a lot of the Mopar Mavericks. This will bring some of the Great Racing History of Edmonton together. These are some of the pictures of the race cars that should be at WMM.

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Thanks to Vic Porcher

This show is already shaping up to be AWESOME. The EMA would like to Thank Vic Porcher for all of his efforts to gather all of the Old Racers from Edmonton to be at our show. This is causing a snowball effect of nothing we had expected. Thanks Vic.

  Vic's Race car - Poison Dart

Vic's car that will be at WMM !!