Trophy Classes

Pick the Class you would like to enter your vehicle in.

The only vehicle that can be in two classes is the Survivor entries. A Survivor is classed as having Original Motor, Interior and Paint. These vehicles will enter in their Class and also have a Survivor Card displayed on them.


Winners in each category will be determined by Independent Judges except Best Paint.  Best Paint will be judged by Cougar Collision as they are sponsoring the trophy and are qualified.


Class Sponsor # of Trophies
Best of Show   1
Best Paint   1
A Body Dodge   3
A Body Plymouth   3
B Body Dodge   3
B Body Plymouth   3
C Body and Pre 60 All   2
E Body Dodge   3
E Body Plymouth   3
Late Model 76 to 2005 – except Viper   2
Viper – ALL   2
Late Model – 2006 to Present   4
Special Interest   2
Wing Cars   2
Truck and Van 71 and Older   2
Truck and Van 72 to 99   2
Truck and Van 2000 to present   3
AMC – ALL   2
Jeep – ALL   3
Survivor   2
Burnout Competition   1
Racing – Quick 8 Winner   1
Racing – Lucky 16 Winner   1
 Racing - LM Hemi Shootout
 Long Distance Award





These are the trophies made for Western Mopar Madness 2019 by Leduc Composite High School.

Burnout Competition open to 10 Competitors max – Winner gets $1000.00 worth of tires from OK Tire Leduc as determined by crowd voting.